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Founded in March 2007, Bamaol is subordinate to Shenzhen Bamaol Psychological Counselling Co.Ltd, which is located in Shenzhen, China. Nowdays Bamaol has set up psychological counselling centers at all levels of country and in Taiwan,it will establish branches and counselling centers around the world. Bamaol is the biggest website for searching counsellors all over China and the globe, and it has launched Chinese and English web for the whole world and serves the counsellors with an ideology that makes every family in the world enjoy high-quality counseling services and creates social harmony. Cater for Psychological community, and contribute to the world.

On the basis of Observing the world laws, regulations, policies and social morality, Bamaol will unite and organize the worldwide counseling workers and strengthen their exchanges and cooperation, all of which will contribute to the exploration and development of worldwide psychological counselling.

It's our mission to enhance the quality of human race with excellent psychological services. Bamaol has had profound effect on hundreds of millions of people for ways of thinking, living and behavioring by providing the multitude and families with great convenient psychological service.

It's our long-range objective to create a harmonious world with our love. Therefore, Bamaol has been actively involved in public welfare and corporate responsibility to promote the social civilization. In 2008, Bamaol has set up Love Project and volunteer groups of psychological assistance for stricken areas.

Bamaol has promised to carry out a ten-year psychological service and donate money and materials for three designated schools of Sichuan and Shanxi. Moreover it has established community network for Love Project, focusing on youth education, development of poor areas, caring of vulnerable groups, disaster relief and anti-poverty work. So far the psychological counselling centers of Bamaol have gradually carried out a number of community projects throughout the country.

Since its establishment in March 2007, Bamaol has been widely recognized and praised by counsellors, visitors and users for its advanced technology and excellent service. Now Bamaol has set up an institute for training psychologists, 17 training and practice centers for counselors, a psychological coaching institute, 10 mental health training center for students and infant and 59 mental health institutes.

Bamaol will exert all its power to offer chances, integrate social resources and attract worldwide excellent psychologists to make sure that all can enjoy rights and fulfill obligations.

In March 2009, Bmaol held the third conference of provincial directors in Nanjing, which further clearly defined that Bamaol serves for world harmony. Bamaol is the designated experimental base of CSE for "Eleventh Five-Year" key scientific issues, that is "Research and Practice on Youth Life Skills Education". And it has participated in a number of scientific research projects of national key issues in China.

Bamaol will put infinite power and love for the human mental harmony, family harmony and social harmony. Bamaol goes with love and hope.

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