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Welcome to Bamaol! I am honored to make such an introduction, and I hope that the information accessible here will help you learn more about the Bamaol.

All psychological workers are welcomed to Bamaol to serve for the human mental harmony, and social harmony.

Founded in March 2007, Bamaol is subordinate to Shenzhen Bamaol Psychological Counselling Co.Ltd, and its headquarter is located in Shenzhen, China. Bamaol will set up branches and psychological counselling centers around the world. Now, it has established Chinese and English websites, as stages for psychological counsellors to serve the public.

Bamaol has been widely recognized and praised by counsellors, visitors and users for its advanced technology and excellent service. In China, Bamaol has set up centers at all levels. Psychologists, therapists, psychological coaches and marriage instructors are all over the country, which is convenient to get psychological help, service and training.

Bamaol will try the best to set up a basic stage for counsellors, integrating social resource and attracting worldwide excellent counsellors to make sure that every counsellor can benefit from it and fulfill the obligations. In this big family of Bamaol, counsellors can freely communicate and develop together. Counsellors can not only learn the psychological theory and develop practical skill, but also realize the personal growth.

Bamaol will be the warmest home of worldwide counsellors, the stage to serve for the harmony of mind, family and society. There are many temptations and tests on the way of life of thorns. However, Bamaol will accompany you, and help you perfect your personality and enjoy a degage life.

Bamaol will offer the long-term counselling skill practising and training to the counsellors. So that counsellors can improve their working ability and life quality, and better serve for the human and society harmony.

We are one family where counsellors can realize personal growth and make contributions to others. Welcome to Bamaol, let's join hands to serve the public. thank you !

Hu Yu

Shenzhen Bamaol Psychological Counselling Co.Ltd

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