NLP Therapy

What Is The NLP Therapy

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Therapy or Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy (NLPt). It is a form of psychotherapy which draws on the principles and techniques of NLP. NLP psychotherapists are usually also skilled in other techniques, such as Cognitive Therapy and will draw from them as required.
NLP does not have the same model of "problem" and "solution" as clinical psychiatry, instead its model is based upon helping clients to overcome their own self-perceived, or subjective, problems rather than those that others may feel they have. It seeks to do this while respecting their own capabilities and wisdom to choose additional goals for the intervention as they learn more about their problems, and to modify and specify those goals further as a result of the extended interaction.
The approach does not focus on the past, but instead, focuses on the present and future. The therapist/counselor uses respectful curiosity to invite the client to envision their preferred future and then therapist and client start attending to any moves towards it whether these are small increments or large changes. To support this, questions are asked about the client’s story, strengths and resources, and about exceptions to the problem. Scaling is also used as a tool to measure progress.

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