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The vision of Bamaol

The vision of Bamaol is to create a harmonious world with love.Adhering to the visitors-first conception, Bamaol will provide visitors with best psychological services for enhancing the life quality. And on this basis, Bamaol will realize prosperity of social harmony and civilization. Simultaneously emphasis on the equity of counsellors, Bamaol will inspire counsellors to maximize values and share the results of its development. Moreover with the mature and effective management mechanism, Bamaol will realize a sound, stable and sustained growth in interest and strive to go public in three years at home and abroad, promoting the development of psychology industry in a healthy way. What's more, regardless of national boundaries, nationality, race and belief, Bamaol will develop the career for all mankind.

The mission of Bamaol

The mission of Bamaol is to make it the world's largest web-platform for searching counsellors and psychological services to build a harmonious world.

The talents development strategy

The talents development strategy of Bamaol is people-based, picking the right man for the right job. Bamaol always holds that talent is the first treasure, great emphasis on the training of counsellors. By helping counsellors enhance professional competence and working performance, Bamaol will realize growth together with counsellors.

The management idea of Bamaol

The management idea of Bamaol is to develop a stable and healthy psychological service platform working for mind harmony of visitors. As to the operating, Bamaol concerns about the growth of counsellors, the pursuit the implementation capacity and high harmony, and as well as the balance of incentive and restraining mechanism.

Bamaol goes with love and hope. Where there is love and hope, there is always Bamaol.

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